The Only Right way to make Avocados

From the farmers footsteps, to the person hand-packing your avocados, we take care of every last detail because compromising taste and texture is out of the question.

Fully Vertically Integrated

Our controlled and transparent supply chain, respect for nature and care for each plant— together with the cultivation of avocados spread through out the Guatemalan Highlands — means we grow, farm, harvest, ripen, process and pack everything from start to finish. This way, we control every last detail and can assure the maximum quality of the product we produce and deliver.
Our Promise

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The first step in our process is growing our avocados, from tending the land to harvesting our crops, it's a tedious process we've learned to master.


By preparing the soil through tillage, farmers can promote healthy plant growth, improve crop yields, and maintain the long-term fertility and productivity of their fields. Because we only use natural and industry grade approved materials and insecticides to protect our fields, it also helps us to control pests and diseases and can help kill off harmful organisms.


It all starts by planting avocado seeds and nurturing them with pure water and warm sun for up to eight years. As they grow, we constantly nurture them by hand and take care of them with only the good all-natural stuff. This special treatment gives the avocados' deep rich notes and makes for an extra creamy, buttery, flavorful final product.


Our geographic location has the perfect altitude and ideal weather conditions for Hass Avocados to thrive. Every year we hand-pick over 91,000 trees planted in 300 hectares in between all of our farms. Due to our   strategic growth plan and high production volumes we are able to harvest avocados all year long, making us the most dependable supplier.

Post Harvest

Our avocados then go through a classifying machine that specializes in grading the fruit after harvesting. The purpose of this process is to sort, grade, and classify our crops  in order to meet international quality standards for export or domestic sale.

Processing Plant

We only use state of the art technology and processes to ensure optimal quality and class to guarantee we exceed the highest possible standards the industry sets.

Sanitation & Selection

Our avocado's arrive in our processing plant, we begin the rigorous process of heavily cleaning, sanitizing, and preparing the fruit to make our product safe and ready to use. They are then selected and separated depending on the nature of the avocado derived product they will be used for.


The ripening process involves using specific technology formulas that contain ethylene to accelerate the maturation process. All of our avocados go through our state of the art ripening chambers to achieve a homogeneous ripening. We offer a full range of solutions that meet your needs and desired state of maturation.

Fresh Production

If you need avocados for immediate consumption, we will deliver them in the desired state of maturation so they  finish ripening naturally according to your operations and logistics timeline.


We export all avocados still in their green state of ripening, before sending them off, we move them to a forced air room. It then goes into a cold room, then shipped in containers at the same temperature with ethylene filters so that they do not continue ripening. This is all done under a meticulous process where all details are monitored under quality standards and with a traceability number and certification.

Avocado Processed Products

Our processing plant has capabilities to produce a variety of avocado processed products to provide tailor-made solutions for your business.

Guacamole Production

The production process for our Guacamole begins by cutting the avocado and extracting the seed, we then mix all of our natural ingredients to prepare our premium guacamole and it's flavor varieties.

Avocado Chunks

We produce avocado chunks by first selecting ripe avocados, they are then washed, peeled, pitted and cut into the desired size. The chunks are then flash-frozen to preserve their freshness and nutrients. The benefits of this process include a longer shelf life for the avocado chunks, as well as the convenience of having pre-cut and ready-to-use avocado pieces for recipes. Additionally, flash-freezing helps to maintain the flavor, texture and nutritional value of the avocados, making them a healthy and versatile ingredient for a variety of dishes.

Smashed Avocado

A production facility that produces smashed avocado mashes or purees ripe avocados, then flash-freezes the mixture. The result is a ready-to-use, spreadable consistency that can be used in various dishes. The benefits include convenience, consistent texture and flavor, and the preservation of nutritional value.

Smashed Avocado

We also produce smashed in a similar technique we use to make our avocado chunnks. The result is a ready-to-use, spreadable consistency that can be used in various dishes. The benefits include convenience, consistent texture and flavor, and the preservation of nutritional value.


We offer different packaging solutions of our guacamole to tailor-fit our customers needs. It then passes through the HPP, which extends it's shelf life between 6 to 8 weeks without altering any of its organoleptic characteristics and enhancing food safety.