Grown Locally, Always Fresh

We’re on a mission to safeguard our ancestors traditions of growing and serving avocados the same way it’s been done for thousands of years, all-natural, how it's supposed to be.

Gordian Advantage

With over 10 different farms spread across the Guatemalan highlands, we are able to produce and source avocados every season, making us the most reliable and trusted supplier for high-quality avocados year-long.

Our Promise

100% Premium Hass Avocados'

Although Hass avocados are one of the most consumed varieties in the world, it doesn't mean everyone produces them correctly. Our crops surpass and exceed the standard set in flavor and are recognized worldwide for their creamy texture and delicious natural freshness.

Gordian produces 100% Hass Avocados, the quality of natural products and the respect for the process that is only achieved by combing tradition with modern technologies. We've been innovating and perfecting our best practices for over 12 years to make the final product creamy goodness that upholds and exceeds industry standards.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our vertically-integrated supply chain enables us to market a comprehensive range of quality fruit from across the globe, meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations year-round, all in a sustainable manner.

Being a family owned business, we are involved in every process and decision making factor, there is never a detail too small that we don't think is important. Family values transcend into our business practices, we will work restlessly to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Our Story

HPP Benefits

At Gordian, we only use state of the art technology and processes to ensure optimal quality and class to guarantee we exceed the highest possible standards the industry sets. The HPP machine maintains the characteristics of the original product, so it feels and tastes as fresh as the day we cut the avocado's open. It maximizes food safety by destroying pathogens and allowing a longer shelf life without having to add any additional unnecessary chemicals or food preservatives.

Quality Standards

We uphold and surpass quality levels not only set by the industry, but also by ourselves. We have set the bar at Gordian extremely high, from how we run our operations, our meticulous productions processes, to the impecable safety procedures we follow so strictly to leave no room for error. There are steps and protocols in place that allows us to be rigorous and monitor every last detail from the arrival of our fruit at our facility to the moment of delivery. Only by being so firm with our quality standards we can guarantee an exceptional product and have quickly become a dominant force in the avocado industry.

Tradition & Innovation

Safeguarding our ancestral heritage, combined with modern agricultural practices allows us to innovate in our proceses to produce prime-quality products and supply ready-to-eat avocados and guacamole to key retail chains, foodservice operators and other customers year round.

Our team is continuously adopting new technologies to evolve and perfect our operations process in order to adapt to high consumer demand.

The daily commitment of our qualified professionals , the constant research and study on the product, our sacred respect for the environment and constant monitoring and control of our vertically integrated supply chain, are the ingredients of success for a brand that aims for excellence.

Our Story
We continuously strive to improve and raise our standards because we never settle for second best.

Commonly Asked Questions

What certifications do we have?
We comply with industry standards and have all the certifications required. A full list of our certifications can be provided upon request.
What type of Avocado do we cultivate?
Our avocado seed is 100% Hass,
What other fruits do we offer?
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Where are our farms located?
Our farms are spread out across the Guatemalan Highlands,

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