Nestled Between the Foothills of four Volcanoes and Lake Atitlán

We grow premium, fresh, hand-picked Hass avocados on the hillside of mystical volcanoes and the banks of one of the most spiritual Lakes in the world — the heartland of avocado production in Central America and beyond.
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Our Guatemalan Roots

Gordian was born in 2009, our very first farm is located on Lake Atitlán's shoreline. Our Mayan ancestors have used those fertile lands for centuries to grow some of the world's most delicious and nutrient dense avocados. Since then, we haven't stopped expanding and have acquired over 300 hectares of farmable land through out the Guatemalan highlands, making us the largest producer in Central America.

Our Story

Our purpose is to nourish and develop people and the planet.

Our mission is to safeguard our ancestral agricultural practices, and establish Guatemala as the birthplace of Hass avocado, promoting our local economy and delivering first-rate solutions with our partners and suppliers.
Our vision is to become the most dependable avocado producers worldwide, harvesting fresh, premium Hass avocados and other avocado derived foods year round. Commercializing our agricultural products nationally and internationally, providing our customers with services of the highest quality.

Transcending Family Values

Gordian is deeply rooted in transcending family values, for over 10 years we have overseen every last detail of our operations because we expect nothing but the very best from ourselves, our team, and our product. We are always learning, ever-evolving, and growing because we strive for excellence in every possible way.
Our Story

At Gordian, we believe that we reap what we sow, we invest in our team because by constantly training them and giving them tools to reach excellence we will benefit not only as a company, but as a country as well.

Our goal is to mold, shape, and inspire the best minds in our industry because they are the backbone of our company. We are a fine-tuned engine of excellence because we strive for perfection in every, and any possible way.

We are only as strong as our weakest link, we work in an uplifting environment of collaboration, solidarity, teamwork all in the spirit of creating a healthy workplace environment.

Our Promise

Our Core Pillars

By staying true to ourselves, we will always be able to provide the best service guaranteed


We believe in transparency above all: in the way we handle our business, the way we grow our avocados, and what we put into our bodies, that’s why we never use preservatives or additives so we can always deliver the freshest and most natural product.


Annual tons of avocado


Annual tons of guacamol
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Avocado is nutrient dense, sodium and cholesterol free, contains good fats and is a great source of other nutritious benefits. We aim to make our avocados more accesible worldwide in order to help fight the current global obesity crisis by offering  healthier superfoods.


Of fiber


Of protein
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Family Values

Gordian is deeply rooted in transcending family values, for over 10 years we have overseen every last detail because we expect nothing less but the very best.  We are always learning, ever-evolving, and growing because we are only as strong as our weakest link.  


Of Gordian is female


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Year Round Harvest

With over 10 different farms spread across the Guatemalan highlands, we are able to hand pick avocados all year long. Additionally, we have avocado ready to export in all it's stages of ripeness, making us the most reliable supplier for avocado's high demand. 


Hectares planted with avocado


Planted avocado trees
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Our Values

We do what we say, we adhere to our morals and principles, no matter the challenge presented. We will always delivered what's promised, and more, because we put excellence above all.
Every member of our team is crucial to our operation. Gordian works as a chain, we are only as strong as our weakest link. That is why we work hard to lift each other up, for our clients success and ours.
As a family owned business, we take all relationships personally. From the way we tend to ours clients, to the way we care for our team. We dedicate whatever time is necessary to forge trustworthy relationships.
We believe in transparency from the moment we plant our seeds, to the way we handle business with our clients. We have complete control over our entire process, making us the most reliable avocado supplier.
We would never compromise our ethical practices because we firmly believe in doing what's right. At Gordian, we have a strict way of doing things that follow our code of conduct, our beliefs, and principles.

The Origins of Hass Avocado

In contrary to public opinion, Hass Avocado is actually native to Guatemala. It all started in 1916, when Wilson Popenoe — crop explorer, educator, and innovator — was blown away by the amazing taste of avocados in our country. He began exporting seeds back to the USA, where Rudolph Hass began experimenting with the plant genetically and created what we today call Hass avocados. 99% of the Avocado trees that exist today in the USA have their origin in the Mother Tree that Hass planted that came from Antigua Guatemala.
Our Story

The Gordian Difference

Our goal is to shine a light on the origins of Hass avocado's, and bring back it's nativity to Guatemala. Gordian is committed to deliver the freshest, highest quality tasting avocados. With over 300 days of sunshine, we are in privileged geographic area that provides the perfect weather conditions and surrounding environment all year long for avocados to thrive. The hands that take care of them are descendants of a long line of agricultural practitioners. It's in our blood to grow avocados, what better place for avocados to thrive than in their native home?
Quality Matters
100 % Hass Avocados Grown in the Land of Eternal Spring

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