Tailor-Made Solutions for your Business Needs

Grown with love and care all year long, we enjoy working with our partners to provide tailor-made solutions that fit their business needs.

Fresh Avocados

From our sun bathed groves to your table.
It all starts by planting avocado seeds and nurturing them with pure water and warm sun for up to eight years. As they grow, we constantly nurture them by hand and take care of them with only the good all-natural stuff. This special treatment gives the avocados' deep rich notes and makes for an extra creamy, buttery, flavorful final product.
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We can produce your original recipes and offer white label options.
We only use the freshest and ripest avocados in our guacamole, and our production process is designed to ensure that every jar is bursting with flavor and freshness. Whether you are a restaurant looking to offer your customers a premium dining experience or a grocery store seeking to offer the best guacamole on the shelves, we have the expertise and commitment to quality that you are looking for.
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Avocado Chunks

Perfectly ripe ready to use.
Introducing our premium quality avocado chunks - the perfect addition to any meal because their always ready to eat. Hand-selected and perfectly ripe, our avocado chunks are carefully diced and packed to retain their natural flavor and texture.
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Smashed Avocado

Perfectly ripe ready to use.
Our premium quality smashed avocado is the perfect solution for your food service or wholesale needs. Made from hand-selected, perfectly ripe avocados, our smashed avocado is carefully processed to retain its natural flavor and texture. Whether you're looking to offer your customers a healthier breakfast option, or to add a new and exciting product to your menu, our smashed avocado is the ideal choice. With its convenient packaging and consistent quality, you can rely on us to deliver a top-notch product every time.
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White Label Packaging

We offer white label packaging, allowing our customers to brand the packaging with their own logo and design
This provides a unique opportunity to differentiate your product in the market and establish your own brand identity. Additionally, white label packaging also offers convenience and cost-effectiveness to avoid the expense and hassle of developing your own packaging solution.
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